Joel Robuchon Metropole

Joel Robuchon Metropole Monaco GP Race Viewing 2017

Joel Robuchon Metropole Monaco GP Race Viewing 2017 is within the Mirabeau corner.
Food and drinks are served from 10am to 5pm at the indoor and outdoor terrace inside Metropole.
Joel Robuchon Metropole Monaco GP Race Viewing 2017 looks over the cars after they exit Casino Square.
Once the enter and exit Mirabeau and the Joel Robuchon Metropole Monaco GP Race Viewing 2017 Formula One cars approach the Fairmont Hairpin.

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Viewing location

The Joel Robuchon Terrace is an external trackside terrace which is located in the 5* Metropole Hotel and offers the perfect vantage point to view the race and enjoy the Monaco atmosphere.
From this location guests will enjoy fantastic race viewing combined with world class cuisine at the 2* Michelin restaurant. Guests will enjoy views of the cars as they exit Casino Square, race directly past the terrace and then brake hard to tackle Mirabeau Corner before disappearing into the Fairmont hairpin complex.
The Joel Robuchon Terrace puts guests right in the heart of the action whilst the luxurious surroundings make this a truly VIP experience.


Lunch served on the terrace or inside with viewing on the wall of the terrace as the cars come down from Casino Square into the Mirabeau right hander.
Drinks are served from 10am through to 5.30pm.

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Saturday only:  700 per person
Sunday only:  1700 per person

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